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The Boomerang Alliance is committed to work for zero waste in Australia based on a mechanism of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for ensuring the elimination over time of all products and packaging from the waste stream. The "goal of zero" demands that Australia change course on waste as a matter of urgency, or risk falling further and further behind world's best practice.

The Boomerang Alliance believes a more equitable cost sharing of waste disposal and recycling is essential in moving to a zero waste society. EPR redirects the cost burden of managing the waste stream from local government and ratepayers to those industries and consumers that are responsible for the production of waste and litter in the first place, penalising poor performers and rewarding those companies that embrace cleaner production and waste avoidance.

As a nation, we've reached a waste watershed. Now we need to take decisive action!

The Boomerang Alliance members

Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
Conservation Council of Western Australia
Clean Up Australia
Environment Victoria
Friends of the Earth
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
NSW Local Government and Shires Association
Nature Conservation Council of NSW
Zero Waste Action Group
Queensland Conservation Council
Total Environment Centre


Latest News

Media Release, 3/12/04:
Ministers avert waste crisis.
Download a copy of the media release here. (PDF, 245k)

Media Release, 2/12/04:
Community demands action from Government on packaging – Say no to the Waste Club.
Download a copy of the media release here. (PDF, 88k)

The Boomerang Alliance appeals to state and territory environment agencies, Ministers and Premiers to reject the redrafted National Packaging Covenant.
Download a copy here. (PDF, 171k)

The Boomerang Alliance’s critique of the National Packaging Covenant 2005 – 2010: ‘Inequitable, Ineffective and Irresponsible’.
Download a copy here. (PDF, 256k)

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