National Packaging Covenant

2004 Independent Local Government evaluation of the National Packaging Covenant

Evaluations of the National Packaging Covenant:

National Packaging Covenant Council Consultation Proposal for the proposed revised NPC

State waste policies

ACT: No Waste by 2010 Waste Management Strategy: Waste Management Strategy for Canberra

NSW: Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2003

QLD: Waste Management Strategy for Queensland

SA: Zero Waste SA Business Plan (currently developing the state's zero waste policy due for release in early 2005)

TAS: Towards a Tasmanian Waste Management Strategy

Victoria: Towards Zero Waste: A Materials Efficiency Strategy for Victoria

WA: Towards Zero Waste - WAste 2020 TaskForce Report and Recommendations

Waste Facts and Figures

Australian State of the Environment Report 2001 - Human Settlements Theme Report, Waste, recycling and reuse

Clean Up Australia Day 2003 Rubbish Report

NSW litter survey program


Australian Council of Recyclers

Australian Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (APACIA) National Plastics Recycling Survey 2002

EcoRecycle Victoria

Getting more from our recycling systems - Assessment of domestic waste and recycling systems (PDF) (DEC NSW, Publishers National Environment Bureau, JRG NSW)

Institute for Sustainable Futures 2004, "Beyond Recycling: An Integrated Waste Management Framework for Local Government"

New South Wales Jurisdictional Recycling Group (JRG)

Planet Ark - Recycling Near You

Waste Wise WA

Zero Waste SA

Alliance Members

Australian Conservation Foundation

Conservation Council of Western Australia

Clean Up Australia

Environment Victoria

Friends of the Earth

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Local Government and Shires Association of NSW

Nature Conservation Council of NSW

NCC Zero Waste Action Group

Queensland Conservation Council

Total Environment Centre