Welcome to the Boomerang Alliance

The Boomerang Alliance, made up of Australia's leading environment groups, is committed to work for zero waste in Australia.

As a nation, we've reached a waste watershed. Here's why:

  • We recycle only 20.1% of our packaging waste. That means a massive 2.7 million tonnes is dumped in landfill every year.

  • Recycling costs local government and ratepayers $294 million every year, while product producers and consumers avoid responsibility for their waste.

  • 85% of litter picked up on Clean Up Australia Day 2004 was packaging.

  • Littered glass injures thousands of Australian children every year and billions of plastic fragments are consumed by sea birds and other marine creatures.

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The Boomerang Alliance members

Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
Conservation Council of Western Australia
Clean Up Australia
Environment Victoria
Friends of the Earth
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
NSW Local Government and Shires Association
Nature Conservation Council of NSW
Zero Waste Action Group
Queensland Conservation Council
Total Environment Centre


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Latest News

Media Release, 3/12/04:
Ministers avert waste crisis.
Download a copy of the media release here. (PDF, 245k)

Media Release, 2/12/04:
Community demands action from Government on packaging – Say no to the Waste Club.
Download a copy of the media release here. (PDF, 88k)

The Boomerang Alliance congratulates environment ministers on their stance to improve the draft National Packaging Covenant and calls for appropriate mechanisms to reach quantifiable targets.
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